What is Gavelhost.com

The most frequent question Kelley and I have been asked since we launched Gavelhost.com in November of last year is “just what are you guys doing?”. The short answer is we are supporting auctions, auctioneers and buyers of commercial equipment and property.

Over the years a few different communities have emerged in support of those of us whose careers revolve around trading commercial machines and work spaces. To us each seemed too narrow and restrictive. Most demand a level of exclusivity that seems unreasonable also.  There are a lot of overlapping areas of specialty but I like to say we focus on machines that make money. The realty associated with those machines often seems to follow. Gavelhost.com is intended to be a resource for the industrial trading community.

There are more verticals than you can shake a stick at but they seem to follow the materials basically so the metals guys hang together as do the wood workers and so on. Because the majority of equipment at auction comes to market a plant at a time, each collection of assets offered follows the raw material in the back end and the finished product out the front door. There is no predictable asset list but generally speaking the saws for metal working are different from the saws for wood working. You can categorize to the finest level of right and hand left hand saws and one day we may have enough assets on the site to need that but for now we are supporting easy navigation with broad categories based on process and material type.

There are quite a few ways to come to the marketplace also and we have several ways to support that. Auctions of course are our first love, old fashioned oral outcry auctions with an auctioneer at the helm and every deal negotiated in seconds. Who doesn’t get a rush out of that.  We have spent blood, sweat and tears, not to mention a lot of cash, to build a webcast system that is HTML5 compliant and works on any device you can think of (within reason, no Ataris or Nintendos). Mobile devices are the goal here and we have nailed it!

Timed auctions of course are the wave of the future and we have that covered with a system that lets you bid from any page where you see the lot in the system. You only enter your login and password once for a whole bidding session. The pages refresh automatically to tell you if you are in or out. You can sort and segregate the items you are focused on so that they don’t get overlooked in the process.  Of course all of the pages are international banking industry secure so you can place your bids with complete confidence. The presentation of catalog and details is world class.

Both of these formats are also supported for our friends who conduct their bidding on other platforms as well. You will see these in our calendars as Catalog Auctions. We want to post every catalog possible for industrial machinery in the world. It is not a reasonable expectation to demand that the bidding always happen on Gavelhost.com (though we would like it) because there are many complicated factors the auctioneers and dealers must navigate. Previous investments, inventory management and partnerships are just a few. Still we want to offer all auctioneers our support and all bidders one place to shop for machines.

Lastly we have the Marketplace. It has become clear in the last few years that the lines between dealer and auctioneer are less defined than ever. Most auctioneer acquaintances of ours have fixed price or private treaty negotiated assets listed on their sites. Most dealers will be involved in an auction at some point now. The marketplace is a venue for assets that are not going to auction but are offered on the terms just mentioned. It may be one toolholder or it may be an entire plant. If it is machinery to make money then we want to present it. All Marketplace listings are searchable and browseable by category. Best of all, for the foreseeable future, Marketplace listings will be free of charge to all reputable sellers. Just contact us to find out how.

So that is a kind of summary of what we are shooting for with Gavelhost.com. We want an open and inclusive venue for commercial realty and machinery where everyone is welcome to participate at the level they feel best suits them. From a free Marketplace listing all the way to an on-site Webcast, we feel we can support every seller as they need. Your input is welcome and we don’t plan to ever get caught standing still. The site will always evolve to meet the current needs as technology and culture advance.

Thanks for reading.  As always reach out to me any time.

Best Regards, Jeff